NZ Softlets Offer dedicated IT Staffing For Malaysia.

We have access to a very large pool of Indian software developers. When selecting, we pay attention to the quality of the generated code and the soft skill component. Be it PHP, Mobile App, .Net, Java, or C ++. Chances are that we have the right developer for you.

In dedicated IT staffing your project works directly with the Indian developers. Is very fast of dedicated software programmers part of your local team. In addition, he learns by working closely your products, know your company and your way of working. An hourly reporting via the online project management tool as well as daily and weekly (Scrum) meetings you find out the exact state of affairs and can be matched with the developer.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and then find the right software developer for you and provide. We make sure that your software project remains on track and added value is generated for your business

Focus on Quality and Innovation and Strong in Values

Through our selection process we find the best developer for our customers. Through constant staff development and training, we encourage our developers so that they can deliver the best quality to our customers.Whether Web or Mobile App or software project, it is very likely that we have the right developers for your project.

We make your software projects better.We look forward to long-term projects. We strive for long-term customer relationships. Our motto is: "Once a Customer, Always A Customer".

Developers for your software project or as support for your team

The right developer and meaningful business processes are critical to the success of an IT project.In particular, projects in the IT and telecommunications market require throughout the project period, a strong management and a very good planning. All team members pull together and contribute through transparent and honest labor input to project progress at.

Here is where NZ SOFTLETS with his service. We help the contracting companies or entrepreneurs in the occupation of the software project with the right developer.In the ongoing cooperation, we ensure that the quality is right. We rely on an hourly exact reports and employee reviews

Benefits of Outsoursing and IT staffing :

  • rapid scalability of your team
  • no additional action is required from inventory
  • no admin and recruitment costs
  • labor facilitation
  • a large pool of talented developers