Our Approach - SCRUM

We follow SCRUM, an Agile Software Development practices that enable us to deliver a flexible and adaptive software development experience. We rapidly create working software, in frequent iterations, building the highest priority features first.

How nzsoftlets supports agile software development

The expeditious development and coordination necessary for a successful agile project require organizations to envisage the scope of the project and the project schedule, harmonize the integration and testing process, and coerce adherence to agile processes. Envision helps development organizations to understand the project schedule and see the scope both of the entire project and of each iteration within the project.

nzsoftlets helps teams visualize the available resources to make sure they have the time, money, and personnel to complete the project. Additionally, nzsoftlets helps teams organize iteration or sprint plans to manage and schedule software releases. softlets also helps teams stay aware of the scope of an agile project by keeping track of user stories, managing project and sprint backlogs within Scrum, or tracking tasks for other method.

Agile Development – Benefits

  1. Change friendly approach for an ever changing business environment
  2. Frequent release of demonstrable product drives innovation by fostering brainstorming
  3. Frequent Customer feedback facilitates the development of a product that matches customer expectations
  4. Prioritized development ensures that the valuable budgets is well spent


Our choice of technology is always driven by the problem at hand. Every problem calls for a unique solution and would require one or more technologies to be employed.